Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE)

How to Access Albuquerque SANE

Contact SANE directly at 505-884-7263.

The Albuquerque SANE Collaborative (SANE) was founded in 1995 by people representing a variety of area agencies dedicated to providing compassionate and prompt treatment for survivors of sexual assault.

Specially trained nurses and Rape Crisis Center advocates offer treatment and assistance in a private, calm and safe setting. All SANE services are free of charge.

What Happens During the SANE Examination

  • The nurse can take the survivor's history, check for injuries, perform a pregnancy test and provide medication to prevent infection and pregnancy. All treatment options are completely voluntary. The survivor may stop the exam at any time.
  • The Rape Crisis Center Advocate will provide emotional support and information to the survivor and any friends and/or family accompanying them.
  • Following the exam, the survivor can shower in a private bathroom. A change of clothing can be provided.
  • Information about filing a police report will be provided if the survivor is interested in pursuing this option.

More Information: If You Are Assaulted

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