Community Education and Outreach

Community Education and Outreach provides education and training on sexual assault and other issues that affect violence in our communities. We offer presentations and trainings for youth, professional staff, community groups and others who are interested. All presentations are age appropriate and can be modified to individual needs.


  • Create and provide cutting-edge, creative curriculums to educational institutions and professional organizations.
  • Provide compassionate education opportunities for those who have been affected by sexual assault.
  • Act as an energetic community presence through our participation in community events, information and health fairs.
  • Address the root causes of sexual violence through primary prevention education.
  • Use cultural strengths when developing initiatives and programs, as well as collaborations with community groups and agencies.
  • Ensure that programs and workshops are age-appropriate, comprehensive and engaging.
  • Challenge social norms that perpetuate violence and support unhealthy sexual behaviors and attitudes.
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