Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Community Education & Outreach department do?

We believe that prevention of sexual assault is possible through educational programs and outreach efforts. To that end, Community Education and Outreach provides education and training on sexual assault and other issues that affect violence in our communities. Presentations and trainings are available for youth, professional staff, community groups and others who are interested. All presentations can be modified to individual needs, so don't be afraid to ask!

Who do you serve?

The Rape Crisis Center of Central New Mexico (RCCCNM) changed its name from the Albuquerque Rape Crisis Center in order to better reflect our scope of services. We serve Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance, and Valencia counties. Please contact us for more information, even if you're not in our area! Anyone can call our 24-hour hotline, regardless of geographical location.

Who is a survivor?

In this world, most of us are survivors of something. At RCCCNM, we use the word "survivor", rather than "victim", to describe someone who has survived sexual violence. However, we support the right of all people to choose how they identify. Some people choose to identify as a victim or a different term, and that's OK. We believe people when they self-identify as a survivor, victim, or any other word without questioning or doubting the experiences behind that choice.

How common is sexual assault?

Sexual assault is persistent social problem. In the United States in 2014, there were 284,350 survivors of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault. A sexual assault takes place about every 30 seconds.


How many people do you serve?

Every year, on average, our 24-hour hotline receives approximately 2,000 calls and we see close to 600 people at the SANE unit.

The Counseling department sees, on average, 275 new clients per year, as well as ongoing clients and group therapy participants.

The Community Education and Outreach department contacts, on average 13,000 community members per year.