Palabra Project
The Palabra Project (YMP) was started by local male community members who are committed to ending violence against women and violence in our communities. Realizing that that there is a lot of violence happening in our communities and many times our sons and young brothers are either the victims or the perpetrators of that violence, we saw the need for this program. We believe that many young men have a negative idea of what masculinity is, they learn to be men from the messages they receive from friends, family, media, society, etc. There are few programs aimed at working with young men before they are involved in behaviors that can be detrimental to themselves and to others. We believe that male youth should be celebrated and encouraged to make positive decisions as they change from being children to young men. To create changes older men in the community must be dedicated to act as educators, mentors and models to male youth. The Palabra Project offers this to the young male participants.


Palabra Project Outline

Day 1: Introducing YMP, expectations and "Palabra"

Day 2: Be a Man (Gender Roles)

Day 3: How do we learn to be a man? Part 1 - Messages from media and society.

Day 4: How do we learn to be a man? Part 2 - How and what does/did our culture and traditions teach us about being a man?

Day 5: How do we learn to be a man? Part 3 - Messages from family and friends.

Day 6: How does gender oppression and male privilege hurt our communities?

Day 7: What kind of a man do I want to be? Part 1 - Men are respectful. Men listen.

Day 8: What kind of man do I want to be? Part 2 - Men speak out against violence.

Day 9: What kind of man do I want to be? Part 3 - Men take care of themselves and others.

Day 10: My Palabra

Day 11: Closing Ceremony  - Graduation