It’s a Kid Thing Prevention Program
It's a Kid Thing is a prevention program for elementary students. The program seeks to inform children, in an age-appropriate manner, about child sexual abuse to prevent abuse and teach skills to disclose abuse. The program seeks to initiate a conversation with children and parents about sexual assault. To that end, community educators provide students with materials which they may take home and share with their parents to help create dialogue in the home about the issue.

It's a Kid Thing Prevention Program Outline


  • What does personal safety mean?
  • What rules have you learned about safety?
  • Why do we have to learn these rules?
  • What is a stranger?

Body Ownership

  • Who does your body belong to?
  • Who makes rules about your body?
  • What touches feel good?
  • What touches feel bad?
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Private Parts

What to Do

  • What to do if a bad touch happens?

Internet Safety (for 4th & 5th graders)

Bullying (for 4th & 5th graders)