Credible Peer Leaders Project

The Credible Peer Leaders Project (CPL) 8-session program discusses sexual assault and issues facing adolescents that contribute to sexual violence. Our goal is to inform adolescents about sexual violence, give them information to help prevent victimization and to prepare them to be an advocate to peers that may disclose to them about the violent experiences that they have lived. Students who complete the eight sessions will be certified by us to provide short trainings to peers on sexual assault.

Credible Peer Leader Program Outline

Session 1: Introduction

  • Introducing Everyone
  • Rape Crisis Center Services
  • Group Goals
  • What being a Credible Peer Leader Means

Session 2: Sexual Violence Continuum

  • Defining Sexual Violence
  • Legal Definitions
  • Reporting

Session 3: Gender Role

  • Defining Stereotypes
  • Gender Roles

Session 4: Dating Violence

Session 5: Sexual Coercion and Date Rape

Session 6: Survivor Reaction

  • No Common Response to Sexual Violence
  • Self Blame
  • Supporting Survivors

Session 7: Making a Presentation on Sexual Violence

Session 8: Evaluation