Anti-Sexual Violence Training Institute
The Anti-Sexual Violence Training Institute (ASVTI) seeks to inform children and youth about sexual violence as a means by which to prevent sexual violence in the community. Community educators meet with students during a six session program that provides information and skill building to middle school and high school students. Topics covered include issues that are facing adolescents and contribute to sexual violence.

Anti-Sexual Violence Training Institute Program Outline

1. Introductions

  • Staff Introductions
  • Participant Introductions
  • Ground rules- Respect and participation.
  • Discuss the next sessions
  • ASTVI Pre-Survey

2. Defining Sexual Assault

  • What is sexual assault?
  • Sexual Violence Continuum
  • Defining Rape
  • Myths and Facts about sexual assault

3. Gender Roles

  • Gender Roles Training
  • Difference between sex and gender
  • Stereotypes
  • Gender Boxes

4. Sexual Coercion

  • Defining Sexual Coercion
  • Token Resistance
  • Date Rape

5. Dating Violence

  • Teen dating violence
  • Defining healthy relationships
  • Boundaries

6. Closing

  • ASTVI Post-Survey
  • Review of the Sessions